Bx Studio | 10 *REAL* Reasons Why You Should Get Married?
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16 May 10 *REAL* Reasons Why You Should Get Married?

We know that you have some dreams to be accomplished and you feel you are just not yet ‘ready’. Well you need someone to tell you that you are! Here are some reasons that will convince you to get married to your better half right away !

1. Level of Commitment

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You are probably dating for a year now and you know each other very well. Being called just a girlfriend/boyfriend is becoming a cliché for you. Taking your relationship further is the right thing you have to do now. There is no bigger commitment than marriage. Tying the knot will be a great thing to take your relation a step ahead.

2. You are getting Old!


Unless you are already committed, its time you find someone for yourself. That time is not far when you will have heavy breathing if you take stairs incase the lift won’t work. Later than this, for an arranged marriage, you will have a lesser amount of options available. Not to scare you, but, more of divorcees and widows would consist a large percentile in your options.

3. An Equal share for Life

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Being married means having a permanent partner to all your issues. Be it celebrating small happiness or grieves together or just watching Netflix every night. You have someone who cares for you, some one who’s affected by your problems and is happy for your achievements. Sharing life together also means sharing goals together. You can achieve your dreams much easily when you have another hand pushing you towards it.

4. Support System

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You always need someone to guide you with your choices, admit it or not! When you are married you are a support to each other. Be it finance or illness or just may be you require someone to hug you when you are feeling low you always have your spouse to console you and support you with everything.

5. Time to Settle in Life

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You are probably over 25 now and it’s time to settle now. You have already enjoyed your single life going to parties and having night outs. You have tried all the ‘bad habits’ and even bored of it. You need to understand that life does not goes on this way and at a point your friends are going to settle and have kids, they won’t be joining you for the parties any more. Time to find a partner and transition to the ‘hitched’ phase now!

6. A Name for your Relationship

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Everybody keeps on asking you and your girl/ boyfriend what plans you have, are you guys ‘serious’. Getting engaged will give your relationship a name and you’ll be able to hang out and be together more often. And BTW would you not like giving this happiness to your love?

7. Your Physical Needs are on their Peak Levels

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Biologically speaking, the desire for mating is the highest in the period of young adulthood for both the sexes. Getting married now will bring you an exciting phase of sexual bonding with your spouse that will boost the strength of your relationship even further. Moreover, enough of the movies, right?

8. Maturity

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You should understand that the days of drinking and throwing up later on the road are not for you now. You can no longer wear those shorts and roam around in the society. You are even out of your colony’s football team because you are not fitting in the age limit. You are no longer edible for an MBA. It’s time for you to focus on greater aspects of life. Getting married brings a sense of maturity into both of you. You understand that watching movies on your 32 inch Flat screen is convenient than the cinemas. You begin to understand that all those burgers are making you buy an XL instead of L. it’s time to ‘kill the boy, Jon Snow!’

9. Multiplication

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Yeah, we know you will say you’re just not ready! But practically speaking if not now, then when? Having children brings you great responsibilities which you may not be able to fulfil in your mid-40s. Delaying means that there will be more age difference between you and your children. By this you will lose the ‘cool-parent’ factor that you would have if you get married earlier than you plan. Besides, you want that compliment: ‘Yeh toh tumhara beta nahi, Bhai lagta hai!’ Don’t you?

10. Getting a Meaning to Life

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Getting married means a start to a whole new life, with a whole new set of goals and responsibilities. Life before marriage is largely a dependent life. You have a different group of important people then i.e. your parents and an addition to the group of important people now i.e. your spouse and children. Your life will be about supporting your spouse and taking care of your children. You will have new goals in each phase and your life will have a meaning.

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