16 May 10 Tips for getting *Monsoon ready*

Summer is almost over and we Mumbaikars are standing arms wide open to welcome the pitter- patter of the rains. Yes, the wait was never ending we know! The sun was harsh leaving you some serious tans that you will eventually get rid of in the following months. But this season also means a lot of wet-wetty stuff coming your way. Do not worry, we have your back!

Here is a checklist that you should be prepared with before the first shower arrives.

Get your Shields ready


Yes, monsoon in Mumbai means that you should be prepared for an anywhere-anytime visit of the clouds bursting right upon your head. It’s now the time for you to check whether you have the umbrella and raincoats ready and this is also the right time to go ‘rubber-shopping’ as during monsoon the rainy wears become expensive.

Stock up with ‘rubber’


This season, anything and everything made of plastic becomes your need. Rubber footwear are now trendy and available in a wide range of colours and types. Even formal shoes have their rubber prototypes now. Stock up with at least 3 pair of rubber shoes and other waterproof objects such as a plastic mobile guard, a waterproof bag pack and some zip pouches for other utilities. You don’t want to lose your expensive gadgets to the rain lord, do you?

Segregate your clothes


Wearing jeans and getting wet means carrying around water for a longer period of time. Have a set of lighter clothes ready so that even if you get wet, you dry fast.  Wear more of colourful and printed clothes, pack your sheer linen and expensive formals away. Wear capris and knee length skirts instead of long trousers and for casuals prefer shorts instead of full length bottom wear. Go for cotton instead of synthetics as it will help you stay airy and avoid the sticky feeling.

Have a back- up at your work place


While you still have time, keep a pair of office shoes, a towel and some spare clothing in your office locker. You won’t be comfortable working with all that moisture in your clothes. It’s an invite to diseases and fever if you keep wearing the wet socks and watery shoes.

Avoid socks!

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Socks are dangerous when it comes to rainy season. The water absorbed in the socks contains microbial bacteria and germs which can cost you a nice one week sick leave! Is possible, completely avoid socks or wear them only at your workplace. Besides, the stink should be avoided!

Avoid heavy Make-up

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Rains and makeup means wasting of your expensive products. Avoid oil based products as there is ample humidity in the air to cause adverse effects on your skin. A quick suggestion would be that you get dressed after you reach your workplace instead of letting the rains take toll on your makeup and skin.

Stay Hydrated and clean


Drink plenty of water and always keep yourself clean. Your skin is prone to break outs because of the humidity in the air. Use a foam based face wash to keep the oil off your skin and use a sanitizer from time to time on your fingers as well as the toes to keep away unwanted germs causing skin irritation.

Moisturize your hair

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It’s a myth that hair should not be oiled during the monsoon. The hair needs adequate moisture throughout the year. It would be ideal to use an after-shower hair serum which will give your hair the required moisture without leaving your hair feeling sticky and frizzy as well. Also, protect your hair from the rain water dripping from the roofs of stalls and railway stations as it is polluted which will harm your scalp and result in hair fall.

Get some plastic wraps for your Cars and Bikes


Though you can use them in the monsoon but keeping them dripping in rain water all night will invite you some serious engine repairs. Get appropriate plastic wraps and covers for your cars and motorbikes to avoid water damages.

Prefer Warm and Hygienic Food


Having warm fluid will help you keep that killer cold away. Monsoon + Flu is a big No-No! So do not entertain the hawkers and prefer home-made food instead. Have a cup of chai and jam-bread in your balcony enjoying the pouring rain!

Quick tips for getting your home Monsoon Ready


  • Monsoon belongs outdoors. Keep away the dirt using high absorbent floor mats. Keep your shoe rack outside. Use bug screen and insect repellents on your windows to keep away the crowding up of house flies and mosquitoes in your house. Using camphor or naphthalene balls will avoid insects to make your cupboards and bathrooms their home.
  • Include disinfectants while cleaning the house.
  • Use dehumidifiers to protect your wooden furniture.
  • Stock up scented candles to freshen up your home ambience.
  • Check for any electric repairs before monsoon arrives. Look for leakage if any and repair them as well.


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